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Passive Participation

July 19-30, 2023 in Klaipėda, Lithuania

KLAIPĖDA PIANO MASTERS 2023 invites pianists from all over the world to receive knowledge and training while discovering the beauty of the Lithuanian coast of the Baltic Sea. Our academy is tailored to the needs of a 21st century pianist seeking a career in the music business. The program of the academy consists of several equally important ingredients - piano lessons and practice, stage experience, and career building classes.

All passive participants will be provided with the opportunity to attend all individual lessons and the majority of the recitals. They will also be able to attend lectures, roundtable discussions, and workshops on important subjects, including:

  • Efficient Piano Practice

  • Performance Psychology

  • Sight-Reading

  • History of Interpretation

  • Recital Programming

  • Self-Management

  • Concert Organization

  • Concert Presentation / Public Speaking

  • 2023 Special: Beethoven's Music Language

All lessons and lectures of KPM 2023 will take place at the Eduardas Balsys Gymnasium of Arts. Upon request, passive participants will be provided with limited practice facilities. Passive participants can be provided with the lodging at the dormitory of the Gymnasium.


All group lectures and workshops will be taught in English. Individual piano lessons may be taught in English, Lithuanian, German or Russian. All passive participants will receive a certificate of participation in English. The certificate will not state course credit or hours.

Fees for passive participation

Full course of 11 Days – 250€ (including lodging) / 100€ (without lodging)

1 Day – 24 € (including lodging) / 12 € (without lodging)

To apply, send an informal letter and a contact telephone number to

In the letter please state your name, surname, year of birth and occupation as well as the amount of days you would like to book. We will be happy to send you the confirmation with a request to transfer the fee. You can apply at any time; however we can only lodge a limited number of passive participants. The fee must be paid by bank transfer prior to the first day of your participation. Please provide the receipt (or a copy) of the payment at the desk of KPM 2022 on your first day of attendance.

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